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Byte Me Article 425 – The Great Cloud Lie

Lies Are Clouding the Issue – The Good, Bad & Ugly of Cloud Based Storage Today we dispel some of the lies, myths and mist associated with cloud computing.  This article will have some appeal to home users but will prove to be vital reading for business owners.  Here we are mostly looking at the […]

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Byte Me Article 411 – Getting Help

A-Z In Purchasing A New PCNow You’re Set Up – Look After Your PC’s Health Today we will discuss what to do when things go wrong in the last of our mini-series in the A-Z of computer purchase, as next week we will slay a different type of dragon!  Previous articles should have helped zero […]

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Byte Me Article 380 – Best Email Setup

25th August 2018 Let’s Get Down to the Fax What fax machine?  I can remember having a day off from Baralaba High School because Dad & Mum needed to make a special trip in to Rockhampton to purchase a fax machine – which was urgently needed at the time to transfer some business documents.  Now, […]

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Byte Me 378 – In The Name Of Profits

11th August 2018 Call out overseas ‘support’ This week we talk about an issue that I feel strongly about and have already mentioned previously.  Although in this case we see yet another elderly Aussie that has worked hard all of their life helping to try and make this country great – hit hard in the […]

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Byte Me Article 373 – Multiple Hard Drives

7th July 2018 Match Storage to Your Needs Last week we talked about partitioning a hard drive to make it look like multiple hard drives.  For the vast majority of users this has far more disadvantages than not.  This week we look at the option of having multiple physical hard drives in a computer – […]

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