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Byte Me Article 469 – Alyssa Joins Us

– Alyssa Joins Us Today marks the 3rd last printed version of my Byte Me articles as we draw toward the end of June and the end of 159 years of printed Morning Bulletin papers!  After the end of June these articles will be available from the online version of The Morning Bulletin and from our […]

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Byte Me Article 466 – Invisible Connections 2

– Invisible Connections 2 As a follow up to last weeks’ article on wireless connections we will try to wrap up the subject this week. We have already talked about Satellite Internet, 3G, 4G 4GX, 5G and NBN Fixed Wireless Internet connections. All these connections are designed to get an Internet signal to your premises. […]

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Byte Me Article 464 – Custom Build Gaming Rigs

Custom Build Gaming Rigs I would love to report that Telstra read my article from last week and is doing a complete about turn by closing its offshore call centres and opening them up on Australian shores, employing some 20,000 ex Tourism and Hospitality workers that are desperate for a new job and giving all […]

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Byte Me Article 436 – Rural Internet Connections

Is Your Internet Up To Speed? Rural Internet Connections This week we try to clean up some of the confusion surrounding Internet connections.  Unfortunately this is a very subjective and technical topic so I will try to keep things in layman’s terms.  It is also due to the technical & subjective nature of Internet connections […]

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Byte Me Article 433 – Expensive Toys

Craptops Creating ConcernsComputer-Manufacturing Industry Needs Standards This week we were again brought a myriad of devices that needed speeding up.  Out of approximately 10 devices we were able to significantly speed up 5 of them with the fitting of solid-state drives (SSD’s) – but the rest were no go.  So why were they no go?  […]

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Byte Me Article 430 – Computer Maintenance

Keep Your IT Heart Healthy Many of my recent articles have focused on computer upgrades or computer replacement, so today we will place a focus on computer maintenance.  It is all well and good to purchase a reliable and robust PC – but here we are talking about the quality of components like motherboard, CPU, […]

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