Byte Me Article 158 – Users beginning to unfriend Facebook

Users Beginning to Unfriend Facebook

For those readers that follow our weekly Byte Me articles I am happy to report that our new customer from last Saturday’s article received their new computers from us on Tuesday as planned and all is finally going smoothly.  They have reported that the 5 week long saga of unusable computers is now finally over and I am sure they will remain a happy customer for years to come!

On a different note and contrary to the popular belief that every IT sales & support company owner should have his own Facebook page – I don’t.  The whole ‘document what you have done each day and share it with others’ has never interested me and I have always pondered why so many literally get addicted to these sites?  So it is with great interest that I have read several recent articles suggesting the slow demise of some of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook.

Yes, recent evidence and resulting predictions are showing a strong decrease in the number of Facebook users (compared to the rapid increases of years past) to the point that it is suggested that Facebook will only have around 20% of its current user base by 2017.  This is the sort of news that helps me to think that there is still hope for mankind!  Perhaps we won’t turn into a mob of non-talking, social skill lacking nerds that meet, flirt, communicate and even break-up using smart (?) phones and Internet sites – hoorah!

2014-01-25 Byte Me Article 158 - Internet Trends

As a side note here – I doubt there are many new school leavers / new Uni recruits reading this, however there will be plenty of their parents.  The biggest tip touted for success at University is now to do away with using Facebook altogether – it burns that much of your spare time!  In other studies, Facebook leavers have also been found to have increased health (I guess they start to exercise more than just their fingers), better sleeping patterns, less depression/anxiety and a happier disposition.

Anyway, before we get into too much technological doom and gloom and since we are also trying to sell computers – I should point out that they make excellent business tools, invaluable research aids, fantastic sources of entertainment and provide brilliant communication options – if used in moderation! 

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