Byte Me Article 353 – It’s Your Phone – Just Hang Up

17th February 2018

Look Out For Phone Scammers

Today we talk about phones and I can almost hear the cogs turning – why phones all of a sudden?  Because we still have new and existing customers coming through the door every week that have been victim of a phone scam.  With the advent of IP phones, we can be called by someone on the other side of the world for next to nothing in cost.

This puts people in Russia, China and so many other countries outside of the bounds of our Western laws and enforcement agencies in direct contact with you and your neighbour.  So thanks to technology our shrinking world brings with it the kind of threats that never existed just 10 years ago.  I’ve already introduced this topic many times in the past but people are still getting caught.

Too many Aussie citizens want to trust the voice on the other end of the phone that appears to be offering help.  These callers are good at their job.  Some of them will have been working in the phone scam industry for several years and they have already practiced on thousands before you.  They sound believable, they sound trustworthy, they know what they are talking about and they might even sound nice – but they are a sly dog offering nothing good for you in return for separating you from your money.

Their approach will still mostly centre around your computer and some lie that they can see it across the Internet spitting out viruses and causing trouble for others.  They will often say that they are from Microsoft or Telstra or an Anti-virus company and that you have to comply.  In fact you don’t have to do a thing apart from ending the call.

So while you are listening to their polished spiel decide for yourself – whose phone is it anyway?  You didn’t call them, you didn’t ask for help – so simply hang up.  And now you have better things to do right away.  Go down to the local and shout yourself a bottle of wine or a six pack of your choosing as you have just saved a couple of hundred at least!

They will not shed a tear but rather they will just move onto the next phone number on their list.  It is that simple.  You are either a target or not and the decision is of your own choosing.  If more people just hung up then these parasites would have to find employment elsewhere.

One of the other points that I want to introduce in this article (besides avoidance) is not to be embarrassed.  Numerous times we have seen people get their credit card hit or their bank account further drained because they were too embarrassed to act when they first realised that they had been scammed.

Quick action can often see your bank reverse a credit card transaction or get transferred bank account funds back before they are gone forever.  If you find yourself in this situation then never hesitate to call your bank and if you have given them access to your computer then make sure it is take to an IT professional to be cleaned and checked.

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