Byte Me Article 400 – PC Purchase – Start of Mini Series

About 2 weeks ago we had a young bloke come into the shop looking to update his laptop.  Kel was retired and had purchased his previous laptop from us at the old shop in June 2013 and had decided that it was time for a replacement.  I talked to Kel for a while about his options and we settled on a deal.

Kel was an interesting bloke and was right into model aircraft.  In fact, Kel is a very active member of the Rockhampton Aero Club and takes both pride and delight in this hobby as well as producing CD’s with flight photos and a picture of the plane printed onto the CD as well.  While talking to Kel and looking at some of these photos with him, I could picture myself with a similar interest when I am also around 70 and retired.

Never judge a book by its cover.  Before Kel left he started telling me how he rarely watches TV lately as he finds so many interesting YouTube movies directly related to his model aircraft hobby.  He loves the way YouTube suggests more new videos every day, far faster than he could ever watch all of them.  I finally asked Kel his age – it turns out that I was short by around 20 years as Kel is actually 89 years young!

To those of you reading this that still don’t have a computer or don’t go onto the Internet – what are you waiting for?  As Kel said to me “the Internet is a marvellous thing and without it he could feel lonely”.  At the age of 89 Kel could show many of his juniors a thing or two about computers and their uses!

Anyway, Kel thank-you for your purchase and for some writing inspiration!  For the next half a dozen articles I will attempt to pen a mini-series on the A-Z of computer purchase and I wish to dedicate this to Kel and his show of faith in technology and that fact that everyone needs a hobby! 

If you’ve been sitting on the technology fence then jump onboard as we journey through the vitals of deciding why you need a PC, what sort of PC will suit you, what brand / model to purchase, how to set it up and how to maintain it.  Along the way we will also need to consider what software you may require and how best to keep safe while on the Internet.

As Kel also pointed out to me – it can be of tremendous advantage if you have a neighbour or close friend that is more technology savvy than yourself.  This person can champion some of the questions and how-to’s along the way while saving a lot of frustration and time.  Pick someone for this role that enjoys teaching as well as someone that can admit if they are not sure.

Stay tuned for next weeks’ article about the many uses of a PC and a decent justification for the purchase of one. 

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