Byte Me Article 418 – Micro Revolution

Micro Towers are a Big Deal
Space Saved Fuels Rush For Much Bigger Screens

Last Saturday I wrote about micro towers and did not anticipate the avalanche of customers that the article would bring through our doors.  Every day this week we have been flat out with customers that want a larger screen than any laptop can offer, without the unsightly waste of space that the traditional desktop PC occupies. 

Many of the sales were people that have previously had a laptop because it took up less space and was easier to take back for servicing and repairs.  These same customers always struggled with the small screens that are standard on laptops.  A 17.3” laptop screen is very rare, a 15.6” is more standard, but a 14” laptop screen would be considered of average size.  However, when it comes to desktop PC’s a 24” screen is now considered standard!

We also had a lot of micro tower sales to people that had aging standard towers but were looking for something smaller and more easily moved.  These same customers admitted that they no longer used CD’s or DVD’s and never needed to play ‘shoot-em-up’ games which require the space of a larger tower to house a dedicated graphics card.

The initial reaction of many is interesting in that they suspect such a small device to be a toy.  They soon realise that these ‘toys’ can have as much as 6TB of internal SSD drive space, 32GB of ram, the latest Intel i7 processor, 6 USB ports, Internal Wi-Fi and can connect to and manage 2 or 3 screens at the same time!

From a IT companies point of view – we love them because we can fit 20 micro towers on our shelves in the same space as just one of the old style towers and no longer are we looking for extra space on our desks to try to work on more than one PC at a time.  Also, many of the micro towers are a ‘tool less’ design which makes servicing and upgrades super easy.

With regard to connections to screens – most of the micro towers have at least 2 display port connectors and we always stock the cables to go direct from display port to HDMI or to DVI.  Again – this reduces clutter with the one cable carrying both the video signal and the sound signal to screens that incorporate built in speakers.

A typical Micro tower setup on Wi-Fi with a cordless keyboard & mouse kit has just 2 cables going to it – one for power and other is the display port cable to the screen.  If you’ve been holding off on a PC upgrade and waiting for something simpler and less intrusive to come along, then your wishes are answered with these latest devices. 

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