Byte Me #28 PC susceptible on humid days

25 September, 2010

While I have been really enjoying the rain lately it won’t suit everyone and it may not suit your PC.  With humidity being at higher levels for so many days we often see computers playing up or failing more frequently – why is this?  Most of us know that computers seem to be a dust magnet – especially if they are running all day and placed close to the floor.  Technically what is happening here this case is that the dust inside the PC is becoming damp and now has increased electrical conductivity.   Previously when it was dry it wouldn’t carry electrical current but now it is damp and it can and you will often get a short in the PC’s power supply.  So if you hear a bang & your PC goes dead, or even if you just go to turn it on and it won’t start at all it may need a new power supply.  These can be replaced in half an hour and there is no loss of your data or any need to add or remove any software.  As always prevention is better than cure and the best idea is to keep the PC as free from dust as possible right from the start.  In any room the dirtiest air is always closest to the floor – especially in a carpeted room.  It is always best practice to keep the PC off the floor or better still up at bench level.  We have all of our PC’s even above bench height on a shelf and after a year of 24/7 running they look like new – even inside.  Keep in mind that a yearly service can also prevent this problem from happening and don’t attempt to clean the inside of a PC yourself with an air compressor if you don’t know exactly what you are doing as catastrophe will result.  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.

2010-09-25 Byte Me Article 28 - Wet Weather

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