Byte Me #68 Sad to see a business go, but there’s plenty of options left

7 April, 2012

The IT scene in Rockhampton normally changes quite slowly however the end of an era was reached on Thursday afternoon with Home Delivered Computers finally shutting their doors.  They have been part of the IT industry in Rockhampton for many years now and have retailed a lot of equipment to a lot of customers in that time.  It is sad to see any business go and we don’t want Central Queensland IT consumers to have any concerns about sales, servicing and support.  We mainly concentrate on the business and corporate market and are always expanding our customer base however we also look after a lot of home consumers that want a good level of service and things done right the first time.

Another major IT company that I have spoken with – iAssist (also on Musgrave Street) – has indicated that they too have spare capacity to take on extra customers.  So even though neither of us retail computer games and electronic toys, we can still cater for the sales, service and support of upper grade home PC’s and the full contingent of business IT needs.  Talk to either iAssist or ourselves if you have any concerns about your future IT needs.

The next point of interest is the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout which is coming to Rockhampton.  According to information provided by the rollout company we will see work commence in this area in February next year with expected completion around 7 months later in September.  This is a great thing for the area and will guarantee data communication speeds 5 to 50 times greater than we currently experience.  Not only will a home user be able to download an entire HD movie in around 5 minutes but business will be able to link together branches and home offices as though these locations were in the same physical building.  This opens up great opportunities for local businesses both based in Rockhampton and with satellite branches in Rockhampton.  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.


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