Byte Me Article 284 – KS Continues Win 10 Upgrades

Windows 10 Upgrade Offered

Today we need to let customers know that they have not missed the free Windows 10 upgrade boat and also enlighten everyone about the latest round of Internet based computer scams.  Firstly with the scams, we have seen a few customers this week that have been conned into using their credit cards for amounts around the $400 mark.  What is new about these latest scams is that they have even used audio to convince the victims.

I can already hear people asking – what is the point of a virus scanner?  Well it is a bit like having a Police force and expecting there to be no crime.  The Police force is a deterrent but it can never be 100% effective at stopping crime.  A virus scanner is no different and still relies on the user to have a certain amount of caution or savvy.

Particularly if you are on a free music or movie download site or a torrent site there are often pop-up windows that may get automatically downloaded to your PC.  The latest of these will go full screen and will not only display a notice telling you that your PC is already infected but it will also tell you in an audio message that plays through the speakers.

This message will even tell you that your system has been locked to prevent further corruption or that there is already a harmful virus installed and that you should NOT shut down or restart.  It will also offer a Toll Free support number and urge you to ring it immediately.  This is a scam and the well trained scammer on the end of these phone numbers will be very good at convincing you further to initially give them access to your PC and then to your credit card.

If you get one of these messages on the screen do not call the advertised number but rather shut down your PC and take it to someone that you trust to have it professionally cleaned.  If you find yourself in the middle of one of these phone calls before your realise then before saying differently be sure to disconnect your Internet connection and then hang up.

The second of today’s main points is that Microsoft officially ended the free Windows 10 upgrade period last Friday.  A lot of people could not get into town or for various other reasons missed out on taking up this great opportunity.  If this is the situation that you find yourself in then don’t despair as we are continuing this promotion until further notice.

Did you just read that right?  Yes, for the present time Kerr Solutions are still offering a professional upgrade to Windows 10 for the cost of the labour only, with no licencing fees.  We are unsure how long we will be able to keep this offer open but if you still need this done then I urge you to give us a call and book it in as soon as you can.

Keep in mind that part of a professionally done upgrade to Windows 10 is the removal of all Malware, Viruses, junk software and Windows Corruptions.  The end result is a computer that runs faster than it did when it was new and without any of the problems that it may have accumulated since its purchase.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have rung in over the last week to express their support of last Saturday’s article.  The positive response has been literally incredible. 

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