Byte Me Article 429 – Dell Desktop Package

Refurbished Means Value

In previous articles we have been busting IT myths, talking about the complexity of computers and looking for the most reliable PC devices on the planet.  This has prompted several emails from readers asking a similar question – “what is the best value computer bundle that we can suggest”? Sounds like a fair question – lets delve into an appropriate answer.

Some retailers and computer geeks would answer this with – it needs to be the latest over-clocked & water cooled i7 or i9 with 32Gigs of over-clocked DDR4 memory and two RAID zero NVMe SSD’s and a GeForce RTX 2080 and and ….  This is fine if you have at least $5k to spend – but is this really value for money?

Not everyone needs, wants or can afford the above Ferrari equivalent of a computer, and if you worked out the actual performance per dollar offered here it would be a disappointing result.  To achieve value for money we need to focus on something that offers better value for money – like the PC equivalent of a Toyota Corolla. Although, we want to go even a step further and find an immaculately kept recent model second-hand Corolla with a brand-new engine and a new car warranty at 2nd hand prices!

If the above ever existed in the car world I’m sure it would get snapped up quick, although this type of deal does exist in the IT world which now needs explaining.  Regular readers will also remember that our recent quest for the most reliable PC device on the planet found a winner in the form of a corporate based micro desktop. So, can we find one of these devices with a new engine (SSD & Ram) as a bundle with screen & keyboard & mouse and with a great warranty at 2nd hand prices? 

Yes!  We have factory refurbished ex-corporate Dell micro desktops with new solid-state drives (SSD) and new ram, with high resolution Dell screens, with keyboards and mice and with 13 months parts and labour warranty (fixed immediately in Rockhampton) at under $800.  At the time of writing this article we have just over 70 of these complete desktop packages left and they are selling like hotcakes.

For the technically minded these have Intel i3-6100T dual core hyperthreaded CPU’s with a benchmark of 4,854 with 8GB of DDR4 ram, 250GB SSD’s, Windows 10, 22” 1080p screens and Dell keyboards & mice.  They come fully installed with all the latest Windows 10 feature packs & critical updates as well as all the essential software for securely browsing the net and sending / receiving emails.

In terms of value for money computing, I don’t believe that a better package exists.  The Dell micro towers are even mounted on the back of the Dell screens, so there is no big ugly tower to take up room and collect dust.  These devices boot into Windows in around 15 seconds and will provide efficient reliable service for many years to come – just like a near new Toyota Corolla would!

Unfortunately, if you are looking at any similarly priced new computer package at under $800 you will only find slow low powered devices with tiny SSD’s or old school mechanical drives and warranties that are of the send it away and wait style that will most likely be needed.  If you need more storage, our Dell packages can be ‘upsized’ to 500GB or 1TB SSD’s for an extra $70 or $190 respectively.

As we said at the beginning, you can have the latest and greatest PC power at a high price but in terms of value for money these high-end systems leave a lot to be desired.  Alternatively, the Dell packages outlined above will suit 90% of users, offering brilliant performance without breaking the bank.

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