Byte Me Article 440 – Help for Fire Victims

Help for Fire Victims

Free Computers For Fire-Hit

Last week I wrote about the imminent death of support for the Windows 7 operating system & I finished the article with a line about washing your car and praying for rain!  That suggestion could not have been more apt, since little did I know that as I was writing the article at lunchtime on Friday, a fire was about to be lit outside of Yeppoon that would have devastating consequences.

Fast-forward a week to lunchtime today, Friday the 15th of November and there has been a full 7 days of bushfire induced death, hurt, anxiety, financial loss, devastation and despair that has been reaped across local residents and those from other large parts of Australia.  As if the extensive and long-term drought was not enough, we are now seeing some of the worst bushfires in the history of our country.

However, amongst all this bad we have seen or heard about heroic efforts by Police, Fire Crews, Volunteers, ordinary friends and neighbours that go beyond the call of duty or the accepted norm.  News and social media are also sprouting stories of comradeship and generosity that helps to ease those in pain and makes us want to say – yes, we are Australian.

One of my Grand-dad’s used to say, “Bruce if you are not being part of the solution then perhaps you are being part of the problem” and I take heed from that.  We want to be part of the solution (after all, it is in our name) and part of the positivity surrounding the recovery from this devastation.  So, what can an IT shop do to help?

Our heart goes out to all that have lost from these fires, however if you are a local resident that has lost your home to the fires and you have school age children then we want to help minimise the disruption to their social growth and schooling.  For each of these families we are offering a free complete Windows 10 desktop computer package, fully setup with screen, keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi capability and 24 months parts & labour warranty.

We have already set aside stock for this purpose and can supply these packages when you can take advantage of them, whether that is immediately or even in 12 months’ time.  If your family fits into this category, then please get in touch with us so we can schedule the pick-up or drop-off or so that we can put one to the side with your name on it.

Kerr Solutions has been operating in Central Queensland now for 22 years and has many good long-term customers, some of whom are from these exact areas of fire devastation, so we are keen to put back into the community that has helped us.  We also encourage any business that is in the position to step up and help in some small way to do so without delay. 

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