Byte Me Article 461 – Barney & Andie

-Barney & Andie

Corona Virus, Corvid-19, Social Distancing, Unemployment & Unprecedented Death & Destruction!  Words and topics that I am sure we are all sick of hearing.  So today I will draw from left field and talk about the true champions of Kerr Solutions IT – Barney & Andie.

Barnie & Andie arrive at work and leave at the same time as I do every single day.  In fact they even attend after-hours whenever I come in to catch up on paperwork.  They have now been with us for a little over 2 years and have shown huge increases in maturity and knowledge in that time.  In fact, I have never known more loyal or eager trainees.

They are normally flat out in our tech room so they only get to greet a handful of customers each week and I can honestly say that they have never once complained about any command that I have given them.  I hope not to cross any privacy lines however I am so fond of both of them that I will elaborate a little further on their personalities.

At this stage of their lives they are still easily excitable and eager to take on any challenge.  Out of the two, Barney is overly focused on our lunch times whereas Andie is more interested in anything that moves.  Neither of them are at all money focused so I must admit to thus far paying them well under the award wage.

So, before you think badly of me I will more formally introduce them.  Barney & Andie are 2.5-year-old male and female German Shorthaired Pointers.  They came from separate breeders in Melbourne but arrived together a little over 2 years ago at the Rockhampton Airport on the same Jetpets flight. 

They are very smart and active dogs that love human company, so I reorganised the tech benches in our back room to accommodate them in their own blanket lined area right next to where I sit.  They soon got used to the consistence of work hours and now love the daily routine.  In fact they know if it is a workday or a weekend day by sniffing what shoes I have put on at home!

One of the best parts of the day (besides lunch) is the trip to and from work on the back seat of my dual cab – with long brown snouts looking out the back windows ready to loudly berate any other four-legged curb side victim.  They get let out the back for a run every couple of hours and they have an uncanny ability to know when it is close to 5pm – which is when they start seriously distracting me!

It is surprising how many customers spot them and ask to pat them.  Also Barney and Andie seem to know if a dog lover has walked into reception as they can usually catch the scent of their home dogs.  What is best about this story is how my techs and reception managers have taken to having pets in the workplace that often entertain or create a calming effect on the entire shop.

So – Barney & Andie are the true unspoken heroes of Kerr Solutions IT and are the best home pals that a man could ask for.  Who said that IT shops are only just about bits and bytes bites? 

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