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– General Business

What happens at the shop in a week?  Five and a half days can disappear in what seems to be the blink of an eye when you are flat out – and we are flat out at present.  This is a rather disappointing measure of time considering that we are lucky to get much more than 30,000 days to an entire life span.  So what has happened in the last week?

Since my article about our shop mascots – Barnie & Andie the two loveable German Shorthaired Pointers they are getting many more pats each day from customers wanting to say hello.  Yes they are very pampered, but the saying ‘mans best friend’ could not be more descriptive of these two pooches.

While Barney and Andie are flat out relaxing, the rest of us were flat out with around 50 individual jobs – from fixing an email issue to configuring and selling a gaming PC and everything in-between.  Because of the increasing workload that we face every week, we have been advertising for another technician for over a month now without success. 

Finding the exact right tech is never a small task as finding a very technically competent person that also has good interpersonal skills is rare.  Besides the above character traits we need someone that has been working full time in the industry for at least 5 years.  As other professionals will appreciate, there is a huge difference between an avid learner with years of experience and someone who dabbles enough to think they know but really cannot appreciate what they don’t know.

Also on our plates for this week were more upgrades from Windows 7 devices.  It is still amazing how many laptops and desktops are still running Windows 7.   If this is you and you are still using one of these devices on the Internet, then you are inviting trouble – especially if you do any Internet banking.

As I have indicated in previous articles – around 50% of these devices are suitable to be upgraded to Windows 10.  During this upgrade we always change the device to a Samsung Solid-state drive with the resulting end user experience looking like the old laptop or workstation is now 10 times quicker and more powerful than ever.

Other noteworthy news is the final return of stocks of Logitech Web Cams and docking stations.  Covid19 saw these devices totally disappear from the shelves due to market demand, but they are now finally available.  On the security front – we are rolling out Microsoft 365 email hosting and 2 factor authentication to many customers – especially farmers and graziers.

This year we knew that we were going to have to implement a huge security push – Covid19 has made this more urgent and vital again, with scams left, right and centre coming from the hacking & scamming community. 

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