Byte Me #36 Data recovery still possible after computer is deluged

8 January, 2011

Water!  For goodness sake we live in a great country – but unfortunately a country of great climatic extremes.  So even though we are now seeing enough water flowing down the Fitzroy to fill the Sydney harbour every two days in just 6 months we could be in the middle of a drought!  This brings us to this week’s topic – water damage with computers.  If your computer or laptop has being submersed with water it will need to be replaced.  The same can be said for printers, scanners & networking equipment.  However this may not necessarily mean that you have lost your data.  The best chance of recovering your data will be before you even try turning the computer on (laptop or desktop).  If we remove the actual hard drive from the PC and setup it up in one of our data recovery machines we can often still retrieve all of the customer’s files/data successfully.  Please note that even if you have already tried to turn the PC on and there has been no response the above still holds true.  In the case of essential business data we also have industry associates that can most definitely recover all of the data from a submersed PC / laptop, however this is a very specialised process and the associated costs are normally outside of the reach of personal computing.  While on the topic of water, this week we encountered a new customer living literally on the beach front at Yeppoon who has always had computer problems associated with condensation and salt air.  In this case we have recommended placing the PC tower in a large built-in wardrobe and either turning it off – or putting it into sleep mode whenever they are not using it.  The least amount of air that travels through the PC the better so if the internal fans are only running when the PC is actually getting used this will extend the useful life of the PC.  Kerr Solutions is at 128 Musgrave Street & is contactable on 49 222 400.

2011-01-08 Byte Me Article 36 - Water Damage

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